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Wild Kratts Blue Creature Power Suit

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Activate Wild Kratts Creature Powers!

Begin your very own Wild Kratts creature adventure with this Martin Kratt Creature Power Suit (vest and gloves set). Swap out the creature power discs to transform your magical creature powers.

  • One size fits most: 4-6X
  • (1) Creature Power Vest + (1) pair of Creature Power Gloves
  • (2) Power Discs included: Giraffe Power and Kangaroo Power
  • Power Discs measure 1.5" circumference
  • See the toy in action:

SKU #: 55779
Overall Rating
4.1 (based on 19 reviews)

by Lindsey

Abilene, tx

January 07, 2016


Great quality!!

by Anthony

New York, NY

June 13, 2015

Love Creature Power Suit

My son Justin loves animals and enjoys watching the Wild Kratts. He smiled from ear to ear when he received the creature power suit as a gift. He wears it at times while he watches the show and imagines having outdoor adventures saving animals. Justin has a lot of fun changing the creature power discs and pretending to have the same special abilities of the animals on the discs.

The creature power suit fits well on my 7-year old son. It has proven to be durable as well.

If you have kids that love the Wild Kratts, then the creature power suit would be a good fit for you.

by Amanda

Sydney, Australia

May 31, 2015

Great fit on 6-7 year old

My daughter's blue Martin vest arrived today and she loves it. When I ordered the vest I was a little worried about the sizing based on other reviews. But it fits my tall, lean 6-7 year old extremely well. There is velcro at both the shoulders and the sides to adjust fit and so you don't have to put the vest on over the child's head.

The vest is well made in lovely vibrant colours. However, I agree with another reviewer that the velcro tabs can snag the inside lining (although not visible when wearing) and that the gloves may be a tight fit.

But I think the value for money is excellent. The vest comes with two power discs: one for a glove and one to wear in the vest. I too would buy a set of creature discs if they were available, but I think this vest item is excellent value for money as it is. Perfect atire for my daughter's upcoming Wild Kratts Birthday Party!

by debra

north carolina

December 03, 2014

love it

We have been watching the kratt brothers for 10 YEARS and love them. I bought this for my 2 year old for his birthday because he runs arround the house pushing his creature power button and saying "power" he just can not say creature power yet. He now has a creature power suit of his own for when he "runs fast" through the house.

by jude


September 18, 2014

awesome costume

im a kid its awesome wild kratts rules

by Janelle


September 13, 2014

Kids love it, but....

I bought these for my 6-year-old twins. They wear a size 5/6, and the suits fit them well. However, the gloves are definitely poorly made in that their fingers can't go all the way in and seem very small...it's a problem with the lining. Also, after only 2 days, one of the suits has a tear at the seam where the front fabric came detached from the side seam. Kind of expensive to have a problem after only 2 days...

by Melissa


August 25, 2014


This is a great vest, love the material & fit. Fits my 50lb boy (6yr old) with plenty of room to spare. The fingers in the gloves seem too long and oddly fitted, but hey, he loves them!

by Robyn

Tinley Park, IL

August 25, 2014

Great product

My kids love this! I wish there were more disks to buy. The glove fingers are hard to get your fingers into but otherwise it's a fantastic item.

by Meghan

Allen Park, MI

August 24, 2014

Absolute must-have for young Wild Kratt fans! Ages 1-7 approved!

My 4 year old, his 1 year old brother and I LOVE this show! It's put together really well and entirely educational.

The material, quality and design are great. My sons love their new vests! My oldest loves "activating his creature power suit!" . It even fits my 1 year old. It's a little big on him, but the sides and top all adjusts with Velcro. Says it fits sizes 4-6. However my 7 year old nephew can wear it also. So it fits a good range in my family.

Overview: Well worth the money, great quality and design. All around great buy! Perfect for group and imaginative play.

Only downside is the suit only comes with 2 discs. Really wish it came with all the discs or offered a separate pack with all of them. Multiple size options would be awesome too!

by adrienne

chicago, il

August 22, 2014

Great product, a few places to improve

I ordered these vests for my 4yo and 3yo; they fit them well. They are made of quality materials and as a result have a very substantial feel. I was very happy with the quality for the price. The kids LOVE activating their creature powers and reenacting the WK shows. Even a month after purchase they are still an everyday toy.

why 4 stars instead of 5:
1. the velcro on the side straps catch the material on the inside of the vest, creating small snags in the material. this isn't a huge deal but it does make the inside of the vest look worn, as well as make it more difficult for younger children to get the vest on (as they have to pull the velcro off the inside of the vest and make sure it doesn't catch again).
2. as some of the other reviewers have mentioned - more creature power discs! especially ones from your episodes. we've drawn some animals on poker chips but they lack the gravitas to truly engage full creature powers with that snazzy vest.

by Gina


August 16, 2014


Its a great suit, but the gloves are very poorly made. Also the size says 4-6 and its small on my 4 year old. It actually fits my two year old perfectly. My kids are not super large kids either, if anything they are on the petite side. BUYER BEWARE. There should definitely be a size choice on these...

by michelle


August 15, 2014

Love it!!

Nice and durable-much better than the fake knock offs being sold online. Velcro adjusts the size. disks are plastic. I wish they sold just more disks alone though.
Son loves it!

by Andrew

Boston, MA

August 13, 2014

Too Small

My son just turned 6 and wears a size 6 in tops and this just barely fits him...why gear a show towards 6+ year olds but not have it fit that age??

by R


August 13, 2014


This is a very nice product. It is sturdy and well made.
However, like the other reviewer said, I wish there were larger sizes.
Fortunately I have a skinny 7 year old, and he loves it! He has been wearing it constantly since receiving it for his birthday, and is having a lot of fun going on creature adventures.

by jj


August 12, 2014

Wild Kratts

i like it

by Andrea

Little Rock,AR

August 12, 2014

Size not big enough

my son is 8 and loves wildkratts, the show is geared up to 8 year old, it needs larger sizes. they should have more disks available.

by michelle


August 08, 2014

great item

While I agree it should be offered in larger sizes, I dont understand why another reviewer would give it a 1 star for that.
the item itself is awesome. It is a nice, thick durable material with vecro to adjust the size. the creature disk is plastic, so it will last (until it gets lost).
Great set!!

by Matt

Toronto, ON

July 26, 2014


This is made of five star material

by Lainie


July 25, 2014

cute, but small

Very cute, so glad its finally available. Fits my 3 year old well, snug on my 6 year old. Would be nice if it came in a larger size as well, since the show is geared for 6-8 year olds. Power disks are tiny, but sturdy. Suit seems well made, we'll see how it holds up with time.


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